Social change can happen faster than you think.

Through our Powerful Communities program, we knock down practical barriers like access to funding, staffing, and training so that tomorrow’s social change innovators can focus on what matters most—their ideas.

Large scale change requires innovative solutions.

Our Innovation team tests new strategies and technologies so our leaders can benefit from cutting-edge tools and data-driven best practices.

When partners come together, a choir becomes a chorus.

Truly remaking the world requires multiple powerful communities working in concert. We create opportunities for collaboration and bridge building between organizations and movements, enabling leaders to share information about what works and what doesn’t.

Tips to help you repay your loan faster

Nobody wants to delay their debts at any cost. We have compiled a few important tips that borrowers can use to pay off their debt as soon as possible.

Choose the best personal loan deal

The time when you’re applying for the loan is the point that determines the duration of paying off the loan. You must conduct proper research to find the best deal in the market. The interest rates for personal loans can be somewhere between 2 to 6 percent.

Check for no pre-payment penalty

Sometimes, the borrowers want to pay off their entire loan before the end of the agreement. Normally, the banks charge you an additional amount of money for paying off your education loan earlier. The reason why they do so is that they want to prevent the revenue loss they will incur on interest income. Therefore, we recommend choosing the banks that offer zero pre-payment penalties.

Set up a budget

If you want to achieve financial independence, you must consider making a budget beforehand. Thus, you’d be able to arrange funds for your basic needs. It also provides you with an overview of where you are spending your money. And it also helps in managing your expenses accordingly. Thus, you’d be able to pay off the loan faster.